2011-05-20 // 03:00:41

that's me. finally you could have a look at that guy who has taken those (few) polaroids. and it's a shame that i uploaded my first selfportrait after more than two years... isn't it?

2011-01-29 // 14:43:14

wow. what an honor - i like that you like!

2011-01-25 // 17:43:30

oh my god!

gotta upload something new. you will "SEA" tomorrow (ok, it has capital letters and quotes - so this must be a hint)!
but wait ... who am i talking to? will anybody read this message?! probably not.


edit: finally i uploaded something new - earlier than expected...

2009-02-28 // 18:44:59

i welcome myself!

still waiting for my first polaroid films ever - at least a sx-70 proudly enriches my little 20sqm domicile!
and i must admit that 20sqm actually are a mercy, because wherever i am - icanalwayswatchmylovelysx70!

on this note, hello everyone!