2013-03-22 // 15:05:11

Thanks everyone for the front cover ;)

2011-09-13 // 21:33:42

Thanks fellow noiders for the front cover.

2011-04-22 // 15:36:11

Thank you fellow noiders for the front page today...cheers!

2011-03-23 // 19:10:39

Also auctioning an 11x14 print from scanned polaroid t55 negative to assist the victims of Japanese earthquake and tsunami. Thanks

2011-03-16 // 16:42:12

I am with you Rodeo, lets go to Sweden, you get the sx70 films, I'll take the 8x10 polaroids ;=)

2011-02-02 // 14:04:19

Thanks noiders for the front page.

2010-11-07 // 00:18:42

Thanks everyone for the votes and comments..but I owe it to the fantastic Impossible Project's new experimental color film...the PX70 PUSH , this film rocks. I suggest to rate it as ISO 25. Cheers!

2010-10-24 // 04:44:09

I am humbled to be in today's front page, thanks noiders for the votes and comments.

2010-10-08 // 15:55:34

Wow, received an email from the postal mule in regards to the "sotd" award.
Thanks to all noiders for the feedback and votes.

2010-09-29 // 22:07:26

So I finally joined polanoid, should have done it long time ago. Its good to see some familiar friends and looking forward to be humbled and inspired by other noiders.