2006-09-11 // 23:44:20

it's late and i'm sleepy. just posted another still life. i think i'm getting the hang of those things, but it seems like the beginning, really it does, just like when you've started grasping a new language.

peace and disquietude,

2006-08-24 // 17:48:03

back from holidays in corsica.
won a sotd in the meanwhile, so this is a HUGE THANKS from me to everyone out there!!!

2006-07-22 // 12:21:50

yes, who the hell is chikitabanana?!?

2006-06-19 // 10:49:00

WOOOOHOOOOO!!!! got a sotd.
happy happy happy.
thanks to you all people out there who love me and voted for me!!!!!!