2011-02-26 // 03:13:27

A big thank you! to everyone that was part of the almost 2 year sojourn for the image that surprisingly, and very unexpectedly, got today's sotd.

2010-08-20 // 08:24:44

I think it is time for a break.

2010-07-10 // 08:12:27

Thank you to all who voted (and maybe more to those who didn't look) for the honor of being on the front page for the day - you just never know...

2010-07-04 // 00:40:04

El Webbo is a most kind and generous dictator of the benevolent sort! All hail El Webbo!

2010-07-03 // 03:34:31

On an added note vaguely related to the "vote counter," and in a somewhat rare case of self-promotion, I was just honored with Artist of the Month at Art Limited! And it was mostly with all of the work previously posted here. I'm happy (for now).

2010-07-03 // 11:19:25

I tend to view the new vote rate counter as just a more obvious indicator of how little people like any given shot. Now, not only will I see 2 votes, 0 favs, but also the microscopic percentage of people who actually do like it (".03% of people liked what they saw"). Great, I feel better already. Maybe the counter would work better for the folks who have 10+ sotd's and are perpetually in the hunt. I do ultimately agree with Carmen that change always sucks at first, then it will become the status quo that all of its current detractors will probably embrace and defend (including me).

2010-06-09 // 08:29:20

I feel for Rodeo, Mikehoban, S_M_D976, loulou et al who have had major difficulties with the new PX film. Sadly, my budget hasn't allowed me to play with the new film, but if it did, I would've been all over it. The bubbles, the extreme light sensitivity, any and all of its flaws, I love them all. (The disappearing photos is a bit of a hard swallow though!) But really, this is what we have all been waiting for: somebody, somewhere, somehow to pick up the torch that the fools at Polaroid drop-kicked. Fits and starts. It only goes to figure if you think about it - they have had to reinvent what we have all prayed for. I wish I could be on the bleeding edge, the front lines, but that's a no go for me right now, so I have been in the audience watching the beauty and uniqueness of the PX images roll by (until they fade away it appears) in slight jealousy. Hopefully everyone who bought these first packs of film will look back on it as a badge of honor in the bloody war against the digital takeover, I know I will. I need to believe in IP because, well, it's all we've got left.

ps: @did: I think you might want to reread anniebee's note. She said that the film used by the "testers" was of a different variety, not what made it to market. One would imagine that should narrow the search for the disappearing image problem though...

2010-04-26 // 04:41:05

Wow. I'd like to thank the academy for its support...
Honestly I had given up on the idea that I would ever get an sotd (my first), so I am completely stoked over it, and I didn't even have to vote for myself :] Thanks to all who voted and for leaving the wonderful comments, it is much appreciated.

2010-03-04 // 06:41:14

To any and all Polanoiders in the Portland area - Thursday (tomorrow, today, something) I'm having a show of some of my 667 Polaroid shots, which have been cut out and entombed in beeswax (mixed with damar resin). It's going to be a party, catered and the whole shebang - come on by...


2010-02-04 // 19:52:47

wow, that was an amazing display! great post...