2006-07-20 // 08:58:21

Ive uploaded a new Series called, Between Two Worlds.. Its a series of 4 so far. with two polaroids next to each other for each piece.. Part of my on going series, like i said so far there 4 parts, but who knows it might grow.
I would appriciate your feedback.
Cant wait to be active here again, ive missed this place. HOPE EVERYONE IS HAVING A GOOD SUMMER or WINTER depeding on WHERE EACH OF YOU ARE.....


2006-05-11 // 07:32:43

New to the site, not to the world of polas, trying to find a scanner to scann the polas, would love some feedback,
love seeing how talented most of you are.
glad to be part of this....

2006-05-07 // 07:26:12

Getting the hand of this Whole website... Loving it, been looking at it for a while now, just never had he guts to really sign up.... finally did it and now just need the time to Scan the millions of Polaroids i have.... to bare with me....