2006-09-23 // 21:33:09

Hello Polanoids,

i wanted to let you know that
Polatalk.com at www.polatalk.com is ready for your questions and answers!
please fill up this board with your needs and wants! feel free and be nice!
i realy would appriciate your visits!

2006-09-21 // 03:52:09

i hope this plant will grow!

2006-09-21 // 03:39:21

Hello Folks and Fellows;

maybe tare and feather me, kick my ass as long as you want. but i started something up which might will ike! if not? i don't mind?
if you have time and want to contribute please visit : »link

Ths is the betaversion of Polatalk.com, for everyone who wanna join please feel free...

you re welcome at any time!