2007-07-21 // 00:32:55

This is my last exhibition of polaroid emulsion lift.

2007-04-18 // 19:30:04

One of my Polaroid manipulations is in the cover of one italian photographic magazine.

2007-03-08 // 09:43:39

I have added new galleries in my site www.marcobruni.it
I'd like to receive comment! :)

2007-01-14 // 15:30:31

My personal galley on Imago Site: »link

2006-10-28 // 12:45:19

IMAGO web site!
A lot of galleries and information... in italian... :)

2006-10-28 // 12:43:04

There's a new forum for photography lovers, the "Imago Forum"
This is the link:
Come to speak with us! :)

2006-08-13 // 12:40:17

Hi! I have an exhibition in Arezzo (IT).
From 31 August to the 6 september 2006, C/o Circolo Artistico, Corso Italia, 108 in Arezzo.
We are 13 authors and we expose approximately 120 images. In this occasion I will not expose my Polaroid :( (next time...)
For more info contact me.