2008-12-05 // 21:21:55

@booombooom: is this serious??

2008-11-28 // 16:04:21

Valley-Forge you say factories are stripped and empty - so according to you there is no possibility of resuming film production at all? Because the people at savepolaroid/polapremiium are talking about the chance of "more" film coming (so I understand they have to produce it first).

Don't get me wrong, I'm just asking if you have more info... I'm a little frustrated after reading so many "wait and see" comments and then nothing "new" happens on polapremium (at least so far).

2008-11-28 // 10:50:40

Choco film is already gone on polapremium :(

2008-11-28 // 00:05:51

poor webbo, take it easy man!

2008-11-28 // 00:01:00

just a few moments?!!

2008-11-20 // 15:19:54

Done! :P

2008-03-28 // 10:22:21

Got my hands on a SLR690... what a wonderful machine... though I feel it's much bulkier than the original SX-70, the sonar is great.

2008-03-26 // 13:26:14

Hey Valley-Forge, just wondering.... where do you buy the instax wide format film in Japan from? I bought a fuji 200 camera while in Japan last week and was wondering where to get the film once back in Europe.

2008-03-22 // 13:02:01

You lucky ones in the US!

As far as I know in Spain it has always been painfuly expensive to buy integral film, but in recent times it is practically impossible to find it.

I am now spending 2 weeks in Japan and none of the big camera stores here has 600 film in stock. Only peel-apart film and, if lucky, some spectra packs.


2008-03-06 // 14:07:29

Oh my god I'm in Tokyo next week ;)