2011-05-30 // 07:14:10

Hi All
For all my friends out there...I did mention...I'd post an image of my experimental handcrafted instant image when I had something to show »link
Please enjoy...if ya like that sort of thing.
From the desert of long shadows...John Gee

2010-12-14 // 06:02:42

Howdy Dody All
I've finally finished a project and started yet....another!! Just this last summer I was asked about the details or some details about the Flexi-Shield widet. Well...I managed to get to that project and started a series call "Project Notes".If some of you have moved past into something else...your one of the lucky few and if you are a curious george, Then please have a gander.
Take Care All and Good Holidays to you and yours.
From the desert of ever increasing shadows....John Gee
Oh...while I maybe permitted...A gillzion thanks to all the polaroiders who visited my little collection and pick some favs and made some friends...God Bless Ya!!!

2010-08-28 // 01:32:54

Broken film door (front cover assembly) !!
If it's just the roller assembly and it's a sx-70 then you are able to swap them between camera models (of course they my not match as far as color..etc but the camera may still function). For mine, I prefer the 680 rollers on my Alpha model...it gives a better spread of the process goo than the orginals.
There's a few things I've discovered about the sx-70, that may help with some problems:
Make sure the front cover assembly is tight against the camera body (no gaps) and the hinges are on the mounting pins (inside camera) and aren't bent. Make sure that contact nub (looks like a sawed-off color plastic toothpick) next to the left side drive gear is intacted (otherwise it won't contact the S7 switch inside the same side of the camera body...No contact..no power to the camera.
Someone else mentioned about the camera shooting out consecutive film pieces, without getting to involved, the easist thing to check is the exposure button. NO FILM PACK IN THE CAMERA AND NO WATER,BEER, COCKTAILS..ETC CLOSE BY...AND VERY GENTLY pry off (use something soft ie: like a finger nail) the silver ring...DON'T LOSE IT and the button assembly will be free.Check that the contacts are clean. Then look inside at S1 mounting block...make sure that (the long metal contact wires) seem fairly straight and most of all are not touching each other(an electrical short)...cause they have ta make good clear contact on the pads of the button. Assemble in reverse order carefully.
Reminder...THIS IS YOUR CAMERA...IT CAN BE DAMAGED... if you're too curious.Not for the foolhardy. So please be responsible.You have been warned with all the best intentions.
John Gee

2010-08-25 // 16:57:29

Good Morn..
For those of you who are do-it- your-selver's or are just plain curious...there's a fairly comprehensive website [Hacker's Guide to The SX-70] for SX-70 (complete dissembled SX-70,flash adapter and a lot of other valuable info).I've used this one for years. Good luck and enjoy.
John Gee

2010-08-24 // 23:26:35

Afternoon All
An historical comment on LLP's, after tearing apart many-a Sx-70's over the decades...even Polaroid had a problem with LLP's (leaks from the regent trap at the top rear side of the film). It was, somewhat corrected when they switched from a flat paper strip to a perforated paper one. It helped, but wasn't 100 % leak proof.
One thing I've noticed about the PX-70's white pigment compound (titanium dioxde) has a gritter texture, not as finely ground as the old Sx-70 and 600's. Now...this is only speculation, but a larger particle may have a greater fluid pressure when the pod is ruptured and spread by the rollers (also the roller design has a lot to do with the spread). There's probably gauntlet of other film design issues that I'm unaware of. So this is only one man's...looking from the outside in.

2010-08-21 // 18:35:35

Good Morn All
I still haven't gotten to the instructions on the flexi-light shield (Nevada Style) yet, cause...I'll have to de-construct it and I'm still using it for my PX70's and also I'm away from the homestead currently.
But, during the interim...I can offer some info on the SX70 Alpha exposure system (for those that don't have this info or misplaced it).

Equivalent ASA/ISO about 100.
Ambient Light:
800c/ft 22f-stop 1/180
Bright sun
400 16 1/140
Average outdoor light
200 14 1/120
Light overcast
100 11 1/90
Heavy overcast
50 8 1/70
Open shade
25 8 1/35
Very bright indoorn scene
12 8 1/18

Follow-Focus Flash:
10.4in. 96f-stop 1/40
12 90 1/40
3ft. 32 1/40
6ft. 19 1/40
15ft. 9 1/40
20ft. 8 1/40
From Polaroid Land Photography by Ansel Adams (1978).

I hope this is useful. I use it as a reference to help with repeatablity and how the film may react to the light within a scene. Take Care All.
From the desert of long shadows....John Gee

2010-08-18 // 19:38:09

Howdy All...
I was asked to share some construction details on yet another version of a flexi-light shield (Nevada Style) for the SX70, in the not to distant future. Another project to add to the list of things to do.
Reminder tho... it's not for the faint of heart. Cause...it requires close tolerances, an interior mount close to the processing rollers. So the warning goes...it could possibly damage the camera...be aware and careful!!! Oh...have fun and enjoy. Stay tuned.

2010-08-11 // 08:48:57

Hi Everybody...
I finally got some PX70 in my hot little hands. It took me a few days to get a handle on the film.I must say I suffered the blues! Looking for color in all the wrong places. It was time to crack a few books and tear apart a few not so good images. Trial and error and by some grace.....I have Color. So, just check out the project [from blue to...]
Bye for now.
From the desert of long shadows...John Gee