2008-06-12 // 23:14:20

found a photo of her online... my new Kenyan Girlfriend

2008-06-10 // 02:24:01

ok, i posted some zink printer shots to get you frisky about the printer and what is possible.

2008-06-09 // 03:38:03

and not to be a total zink geek... but...
here is the pogo printer manual online

2008-06-09 // 03:26:05

Zink Commercial

2008-06-07 // 16:54:28

Hey, A good friend of mine sent me a link to Make popcorn with Cellphones... I thought it may be a good idea to try with Zink paper.

2008-02-12 // 00:21:44

I know... I would love to comment more on this... but... nevermind, i will just let lia speak for me.

2008-02-11 // 23:47:36

i would love to say alot... but you see I live in austria now

2008-02-11 // 23:46:57

nazi.... no comment...

2008-02-11 // 23:36:23

Yeah sorry Lia, never mailed that shit out to you... but please take it... I am sure you can do way cooler things with it that I can at the moment

2008-02-11 // 23:35:15

its not an ad hominem if it is the truth