2011-05-24 // 18:50:51

First shots with my new 180!

2010-10-04 // 09:36:34

Got a mint and fully functional SX-70 for 20€ in a second-hand trade this weekend! The guy did not know what he was selling...

2010-06-14 // 15:56:16

Okay, I am getting quite disappointed when it comes to PX-100. My pics are now turning a not so interresting pumpkin shade or becoming all white...
Quite a good idea to scan the images before they disappear!

2010-04-12 // 13:44:43

Waiting for my 3 boxes of PX100. Can't wait to try it out

2009-12-10 // 15:33:28

Recherche 180/195.... désespérement

2009-11-18 // 17:30:17

I got my SX-70 today and it works amazingly well! 3 pictures later, I can safely say that I have already fallen in love with it...