2010-10-22 // 12:32:06

being away for this long sucks, feels good to be back.

2010-03-26 // 00:10:51

ordered me up a pack of PX100. Sweet. Looks like you might be right VF, seems like everyone's gone PX mad. I'm still intrigued by what the color film has in store. I still think they should do some 4x5 instant film as well as the 8x10, only one kind of film (Fuji) just isn't good enough for me ;)

2010-02-15 // 21:12:33

so, will TIP ever consider manufacturing new 4x5 instant film in the future? It would be nice. A new 59 and some spanking new 55 would be just up my street.

2010-01-27 // 16:10:26

Hello fellow Noiders,
My 360 just arrived and I was wondering of anyone out there has any nice suggestions regarding batteries for the thing (3v), I really don't want to spend 16+ shipping for one battery so any mod advice would be a huge help.
Hugs and kisses xoxo

2010-01-09 // 13:59:53

I am chuffed, my SX-70 has miraculously started working again. Now i don't feel so daft for buying that Time Zero film off eBay this morning!

2010-01-07 // 22:19:47

@missingshow: cheers for the link, interesting looking camera. Nice. It seems the balls is rolling on and on and on...now all we need is TIP to announce the release date of the new film and i'll probably cack my pants with joy, or something to that effect.

2010-01-05 // 15:28:35

Just dropped my SX-70 and now the shutter wont fire! Damn it! Anyone know of any places/people who can fix my baby. It used to belong to my wife's grandfather so i don't want to have to throw it away.

2010-01-05 // 12:07:12

Just got a box full of lovely 59 type film, thak you Mr. Postman!

2010-01-02 // 20:06:01

@dfuster74: Not sure about a Polaroid nightcam but your best bet if you want to shoot Polaroids at night or indoors with available light is to use a fast film (Fuji FP-3000B, 667etc) but that film is type 100 and is compatible with the Polaroid Land Cameras etc. Check out the pics on the site taken with those types of film and see if that's what you're after.

2009-12-31 // 17:28:17

Happy New Year to the entire Polanoid community, everyone has made me feel so welcome since joining a few months ago. It's been inspiring, viewing all these amazing images. Although i just spent 80 on an unopened box of six year old 59 4x5 film...addiction is a terrible thing! ;)