2018-12-12 // 17:24:54

Long time no hear, but: I've dedicated the last 2 years to save packfilm and bring back peel-apart film - please check out and maybe even support my ONE INSTANT Kickstarter campaign - thank you!!

2016-11-15 // 19:20:57

Please read my analog emergency call and support the New55 kickstarter campaign now!
Only 3 days left to save the future of packfilm!


2016-03-22 // 13:58:22

my bestest polanoid friends! I can't believe that after 10 years, I had the pleasure to be a SotD again - thank you!! also, I can't thank you enough for all the support you have been showing during the wild and crazy fujifilm ride we're currently in. humbly and always yours, doc
^ dont wanna brag, amigo..
..but who again shot that wondaful portrait?
*you're welcum*


2016-03-11 // 16:44:04

Dear packfilm lovers!

I'm happy to announce that I'm on my way to Tokyo! There, I will do nothing less but eating some Sushi before meeting a selection of high-ranking Fuji managers. I want to explain them, why and how it would be worth it to keep the pack film format alive - even though they've already announced that they'll stop producing it. But as you all know... Impossible is my speciality!

You're very welcome to be my travel companions & join me on this instant adventure
- - - - > I'll be uploading photos (fujifilm of course!!!) from my journey into my terribly, terribly neglected profile
- - - - > I'll be writing down my personal and partly surely tear-jerker thoughts along the journey at the Supersense Blog: »link

Also, if you haven't done yet - please sign the petition on www.savepackfilm.net - let's show the world the love and power behind the legendary packfilm format.


2016-03-01 // 17:44:13

Dearest polanoid friends,
it's our ultimate pleasure to let you know that finally we're back!

We, that's lazy doc and crazy webbo. Back in 2005 we carefully built and started this wonderful platform from basically just the materials in our tiny office. Later on we saved the last Polaroid factory with your support, and now we are the proud owners of SUPERSENSE, the world`s most analog palace.

As splendid as this may sound at first sight, honestly we started missing POLANOID more and more and finally we took our maybe best decision ever and start a comeback even more exciting than the worldwide comeback tour of the EAGLES back in 2005.

We took a shower, combed the last traces of our hair and even tried to squeeze ourselves into the same outfit we had back in those golden days, almost 10 years ago.


We very much believe so, and if you give us a fair chance you have our word that the instant fun is just about to beginn.

But enough of smooth words, let us start the action and get the buzz really going:

We are proudly announcing the introduction of monthly "Projects" - calling out for your best themed instant photos to be awarded with finest prizes for the winners - starting with a smelly call that holds the revolutionary Supersense Smell Memory Kit for you in prospect (worth 99 Euro).


Moreover we switched the whole reward system to SuperSense Vouchers, that hopefully will inspire you even more than the most UNSALEABLE or IMPOSSIBLE offer from back in the days. We'll spoil the "Shot of the Day" winner with a 10 Euro Supersense Online Voucher, and "X of the Week" winners will be crowned with a 20 Euro Supersense Online Voucher.

Happy to be back with you and share our analog love again.

Forever and always yours,

doc & webbo

2009-12-17 // 00:20:22

what do you mean?
strange messages, strange colors?
^ ach, shut the fökk up
you're not real - I only made you up!

(how I hate to argue with my own phantasms)


2009-07-05 // 23:01:36

New Project
Just received a message in the bottle from se lazy WebMeister filled with the new project mission but no winners for the current one. I tried my very best to choose these winners in the faith of the holy Meister sailing the 8 seas at the moment, but of course I am just nothing compared to him. Please forgive me.

2008-05-29 // 20:44:55



2008-07-03 // 11:25:19


Resource Magazine is working on a farewell article to the manufacturing of Polaroid Film. We would like to depict the vast amount of Polaroid users in the world by showing the works of Polaroid photographers everywhere. We are looking for submissions for this feature article.
Please submit your polaroids! There is no limit to how many photos you can submit, however they must be submitted at 300dpi.
Must be in by May 25th.
All polaroids that are published will be given credit so please submit your name with your photo!
Send your photos to polaroid@resourcemagonline.com
For more information on our publication go www.resourcemagonline.com
For more information about this article contact alex@resourcemagonline.com

2008-02-21 // 12:53:11

*Guardian looking for your breathtaking polaroids for their special feature*

The english newspaper Guardian wants to look back on how travellers have embraced and enjoyed this format over the decades. A tribute to a dying art form. We are looking for artists, writers, travellers, and well-known figures to send us an example of a polaroid taken on a holiday, and to write a few hundred words about the joy of the format, why they liked using it, when and where they took a Polaroidwith them.

intersted? please contact doc@polanoid.net for the direct contact to the Guardian