2007-02-24 // 14:09:34

i'm back with new pictures.

maybe someone rembers me ;-)

2006-03-17 // 10:14:45

i just finished my new webseite. check it out!


hopefully you like it.

2006-03-16 // 17:08:18

i'm back

2006-03-14 // 13:35:51


2006-03-09 // 15:53:06

i have spleen.

i deleted all polas.

maybe i will upload new pics
may be not.

2006-02-27 // 16:52:06

yeah yeah yeah!

i've got my polaroid vision. :-D

2006-02-27 // 00:09:41

damn, i hate it.

i'm tired, but i can't sleep.

2006-02-26 // 15:33:22

my motivations today is fantastic.

i went shopping, so have something to eat. installed the wlan staff at my mothers house, made three (!) polaroids. they coming soon to polanoid.

tomorrow i'm going to ikea, yeah i love it to waste my time there.

2006-02-24 // 16:08:20

1 hour to go, until two weeks of holiday

but what can i do? i could make a lot of polaroids and i will do that.

but currently i have no inspiration!

i need help!

2006-02-23 // 22:04:18

i'm back polaroiding

as ususal, i'm trying to show my feelings. hope you enjoy it.

waiting to win a auction for a polaroid vision. hope the look will be on my side.