2010-10-04 // 15:26:14

Finally! Im now the proud owner of a SX-70! It seems fine, good condition and was cheap actually (about 70). Well see how my first shot looks like.

2010-08-19 // 21:29:40

Trying to get my hands on a SX-70 and bought my 1st Colorfilm today. Wanna do more portraits and details in the near future and have at least one more idea for a painted-over-polaroid.
Btw i appreciated the SOTD votes for my Mickey Me

2010-08-17 // 00:49:00

Gonna upload some PX 600 Silver Shades made on my vacation (Romania and Italy) and actually there are some good ones. My humble opinion. Also getting me my first color film this week and gonna start hitting the Viennese fleemarkets in search for a SX-70. Wish me luck on that.