2009-06-22 // 16:08:40

Today o took my first photo (polaroid or not polaroid) since months. It looks kinda crappy, but it's a sign that something in my life is changing.

2007-08-27 // 12:35:07

oh my god! the automatic 100 i bought just arrived. how beautiful!
really, it's such a beautiful object that i'm afraid of touching it.
i hope the batteries will arrive soon!

in your opinion is there any chance that the 107 film expired in 1987 and probably not refrigerated that came with it will work?

now i guess it's time to make a huge order from unsealable, i've been delaying film shopping for too long, my sx-70 and this new jewel need to be fed:D

2007-08-17 // 14:35:50


i'm SO HAPPY because, after an endless longing, i bought a packfilm camera:) this morning (at 5!) i won a auction on ebay of a polaroid 100:D

now, the question is: how many batteries should i buy? i mean, how long does the battery last? i just want to buy some to be ok for a long while.

in the auction was included a pack of 107 film, and i suppose it expired a long long time ago. so, the other question is: is there any risk for the camera if a load such an expired film? i don't want it to explode, you know:D i'm so unfortunate and messy with this kind of things that i have to be careful:D

thanks for your help, honeys!

2007-08-15 // 12:11:26

oh, i wanted to collectively thank all the ones who left comments on my photos during these months, as i didn't have the chance to thank them one by one.

i hope to get some film soon, so i'll have something new to show!

2007-08-06 // 18:21:41

as long as i remember politics have always been on the newsfeed. maybe things have changed, i don't know.

by the way i can't find a political reason to execute a man for driving a car. we're not talking about abolishing the death penalty in general, we're talking about a man who didn't kill anyone, i think that even death penalty advocates agree that innocent man shouldn't be executed, so i can't see the controversy.

i think that, as we're intelligent people, we can handle a conversation, don't we? not that i wanted to start one, i just wanted to give a link, but everybody's opinion is welcome.

2007-08-06 // 18:01:23

hello polanoiders!

yes, catartica is still alive and still with no photos to show!

how i hate this situation!

how are you all? please let me know! i hope that someone still remembers me, after such a long time:D

i came here just to update the info in my profile.

oh, just because i'm here i'd like to give you a link for a good cause: www.freekenneth.com .
kenneth foster is a innocent man on death row and the state of texas will execute him at the end of the month. there's still much we can do to save his life (send letters and faxes to the governor, sign petitions) so please, read his story following that link. thank you!

2007-01-14 // 21:13:18

oh, by the way, if someone wants to see how i use paper towels with polaroids, i've just uploaded a new collage:D

2007-01-14 // 19:52:59

SEALETTE: they say that the dream of losing teeth brings bad luck, i hope for you it's false!

SIXBLUETEN: thanks for the books suggestions, i will definitely check them out.
you're so right about the fact that artists should be more involved in this kind of subject!

KAY: i mainly use them for two reasons at the moment:
1- i clean my ferret's poo when he's too busy playing to remember that he has a whole litter he can use as a toilet :D
2- i just discovered that they make great watercolor textures for my polaroid collages:D

then i use them when i can't use cloths and sponges:D

2007-01-14 // 15:31:41

i think that dividing the world in pollution sensitive and unsensitive categories is pretty useless. the best thing to do is ask ourselves what WE personally do for these issues, because EACH PERSON does the difference. then we should involve the ones around us in our choices.
i am far from being an artist, but i'm a creative person, something i share with artists, right? i personally have no car; my wheat fields, vegetable garden and olive grove are all organic, with no chemicals; i'm vegetarian (intensive breeding is very polluting); i recycle everything and buy recycled toilet paper/ paper towels; i'm soon going to put photovoltaic and solar-thermic panels; i try to avoid consumerism and, when i can, i buy things that are made in my area instead of things that come from another corner of the world.
then it's not just a matter of pollution, environmental issues affect other people's lives on another level. there are human rights involved and the fact that the rich countries live on poor countries' shoulders, exploiting their work and their nature. think about the fact that we make wars to have oil. think of all the third world countries that keep on being poor while we take away from them oil and gas because we need them for our lifestyle, while corporations get richer and richer. think about the kids that work in the diamond mines to give us our wnderful engagement rings, because "a diamond is forever". think about that town in china where we send our dismissed computers and mobiles.
yes, polaroids pollute, but we can make them pollute less properly trashing the recyclable parts. at least we make good things with them. there are those who use ELECTRIC orange squeezers but then DRIVE to the gym to work out!
i don't think that "artistic behaviours" (?) aren't environment- friendly. the problem is just that we live in a consumeristic/capitalistic world and in an indifferent world where we're more concerned in paris hilton's blowjobs rather than caring about the fact that, through our everyday life choices, we make other people hurt. i'm not saying that we all should be perfect and boycott everything, but that we at least should try.

2007-01-13 // 22:14:22

oh, so there's one!

what's borders, the bookshop?

so, one more thing to buy. i wish they had those albums on unsaleable.

hey, unsaleable guys, why don't you sell sx-70 albums?:)