2012-04-01 // 20:33:27

why haven't i seen a april fool's joke so far?

2011-10-28 // 23:17:04

is anyone giving out polaroids of sweets for trick or treat?

2011-07-13 // 19:06:19

please check out my new series shot with the px70 film :D

2011-06-14 // 20:57:17

you folks remember last year when the px100 came out and it turned brown when you shot outside in the summer heat? literally all my polatoids turned brown back then. kinda miss the time when i just got one good shot out of one pack of film which i bought from my whole pocketmoney. it was painful and depressing indeed but i have to admit it was kinda satisfying holding your first good polaroid in your hands since weeks of failure.

2011-05-09 // 20:46:52

just uploaded some new px680 polaroids. check 'em out!

2011-05-01 // 08:43:05

@oatcakes i almost spend all my pocket money on IP film. i'm broke half of the time but it's worth it. i hope the price for each film will drop someday d:

2011-04-02 // 11:28:53

is there any "px680 disscusion forum" in german? 0:

2011-03-31 // 19:25:55

just load up some pretty px680 polaroids. check them out!

2011-03-30 // 19:12:29

if the px680 film was a woman we'd already had a zillion kids.

2011-03-05 // 08:16:22

i'm hungry for some new impossible films!