2019-04-11 // 11:59:48

thx a lot for two SOTD in a row!

2016-01-19 // 21:17:46

thanks for two covers!

2015-09-02 // 14:59:18

Hello Folks,
a short update: after researching the internet for some time, my cameras showed up online at the mid/end of august. I collected all the information I had and provided it to the police. Today surprisingly I recieved good news: the cameras have been confiscated. I can pick them up. Maybe I can even get the Polaroids back that I made.

2015-09-02 // 15:00:00

Sorry for my confusion, it is the Model 195. I might add that the bag also contained a Pentax 6x7 with prism and the 4.5/75mm lens + a Gossen Variosix lightmeter.

2015-08-10 // 02:13:48

Dear Polanoiders (from Barcelona),
This may seem very desperate but I need to tell:
Today my Polaroid 190 Land Camera was stolen at the Placa Sant Cugat.
I know the chance to get it back goes below zero..but if someone comes
Across the named camera at a Second hand camera store or similar
Places I would be very thankful about any hint and message to maybe
Check the serial number. I doubt I'll see it again. But doing anything is better
Than doing nothing.

2014-01-22 // 15:10:20

this smartphone to instax mini device looks like a fuji pivi update.

2013-10-22 // 06:59:14

Thanks Polanoiders for the cover today!

2013-04-10 // 08:32:26

A huge thank you for voting for my image to be on the cover today!

2013-02-26 // 19:44:43

@ noidmeister
I wonder if this hasn't been brought up here somerwhere, but you can check
this article about the "Restoration of expired Polaroid pack film":


2012-11-24 // 07:27:13

Big surprise for me this morning! Thanks for having me on the cover today, very much appreciated!