2012-10-29 // 21:22:33 (private)

I'm going to add all instant pictures (good, bad, all) from 2009 till now (unfortunately I don't have scans of photos made before 2009 and don't have them now to make scans, so maybe once).
So there will be some huge updates next days of very different pictures.

2012-10-29 // 21:16:53

nice that you added Impossible Project Color Protection film to the list. How about to add PZ680 and all the COOL films?

2012-10-21 // 14:06:46 (private)

When I was 14 years old I've seen three photos that changed my life. That time I didn't know anything about Polaroid and Tarkovsky, but when I held these photos in my hands I stood breathless and couldn't stop looking. I just thought how it is possible to keep a light and a time in a small square of plastic. Three Polaroids made by one of the greatest film directors in the world. From those 3 pictures started my love to Polaroid. I dreamed about Polaroid camera and I've got 635CL and since that time I made tonns of pictures. Later I've got also SX70, Spectra, SLR and some others, but I always keep my first 635CL with me even if I don't use it anymore. And until now I love Tarkovsky's polaroids most of all and until now I don't understand how he could make such photos. Since that time when I fell in love for these pictures I'm dreaming to make pictures at least slightly close to Tarkovsky.

2012-10-21 // 13:24:37

guys, how about to add some new and old films to the list?? Or at least to add the same link "other" to make able to add the films ourselves the same like the cameras?
Or I miss something and it exists already somewhere?

UPG: you've added the Colour Protection film, how about to add the COOL film?