2007-05-20 // 22:03:07

Is there a list somewhere of the people who are featured in the SOTD book?

2007-02-15 // 18:43:59

I have a couple packs of SX70 for sale on ebay...
I have a lot still.
I ship to the US only.
If interested have a look!


2007-01-20 // 02:50:39

Check out my Holga pic on page 218 of Esquire Russia December '06 issue. Yeah!

oh yeah and....
Thank you to all who voted for my SOTD today!!! XOXOXOX

2006-09-17 // 01:28:33

YAY! I got an SOTD today... it's been awhile... thanks for all your support~!!!

2006-09-09 // 07:20:22

One more day!

2006-08-31 // 06:26:21

I'm still here! Not dead yet!
I've been away for some time now... kind of took a break from photography ever since I started my job at Sears Portrait Studio (LOL!). I photograph babies and children all day now and they drain me of my energy and creativity.

In a weird way... I also miss Detroit. I live in the suburbs and I'm not as inspired as I used to. I miss being surrounded by all the urban-decay. But I do not miss living there- in fear. Every moment felt like fear. My 2 1/2 years there was one big adrenaline rush.

In better news... I will be going to VEGAS for a few days on Sept. 10th!!! I'll be staying at the Flamingo... my mom is getting remarried. And when she is not getting married I will be toting my cameras all over town. Not sure yet if I'm bringing my SX70 or not... I really want to... but I already have to bring a 20D, 35mm, and a Holga... I don't know if I can handle one more camera.

Later guys and girls.

2006-06-26 // 21:38:44


glad you're feeling better! all this new Polanoid stuff sounds sweet! I can't wait to see the improvements!

2006-06-25 // 21:53:49

who is this "unverified" polanoider, Euphamism???
I got 21 comments from this mysterious person today!

2006-06-18 // 02:44:44

apparently my attitude is "lazy, seasy way out and very egoistical."

2006-06-16 // 18:22:02

People need to come here for the Polaroids and we need to put this debate to rest. All this debate is not what Polanoid is about.

Can't we all just get along?

Come here to view the images... enjoy the images... be inspired... and quit getting your panties in a bunch over this SOTD thing! it's retarded!

Where is all the love?

ANd since when can there not be communities within communities? Flickr has thousands of groups and we all seem to get along just fine over there. It's human nature for people to group together... especially when these people know each other in real life. So stop crying about it... make some friends! Comment on images... leave praise... leave helpful critiques... interact and make friends and alliances. AND STOP ALL THIS BITCHING. It's all starting to wreak of jealousy!