2009-09-24 // 16:12:59

hello errbody! i have been shooting polaroids quite a bit lately, but i have fallen into remission when it comes to posting them up to this fine site. i hope to do so soon and look at all of yr fabulous pix!

2009-03-03 // 18:34:48

hello polanoid! it has been quite some time! i have many polas to scan soon for you to see!

2008-02-22 // 21:11:48


2008-02-12 // 01:13:33

unfortunately, you are right.

2008-01-28 // 20:52:01

pola cannot die! if it does, i might too.

2008-01-23 // 20:59:22

it is so good to be back!

2007-06-23 // 08:22:52



2007-05-17 // 19:07:18

i would not mind being number 7 in this infinity chain...

2007-05-11 // 05:58:56

why are they shaking them?!?!? and why has nobody told them not to? i died a little every time they started shaking them!

2007-05-10 // 18:24:22

i ordered that book earlier this year. it's pretty nice. the polaroids aren't fantastic, but it's still interesting nonetheless.