2020-12-30 // 11:17:41

Hej everyone in here.

haven't been to this page for a while!

Some of my images are still getting to the front page from time to time.. so i thanks you for the SOTD

happy new year to all of you. hope 2021 will be more pleasant than 2020!

2018-01-20 // 08:50:14

Hoho, two days in a raw on the front page with this old posts... maybe it's a sign that i should upl more recent work again here...

2016-07-24 // 09:33:39

Wonderful to be on the front page with one of my frist polaroid665 i ever shot.
thanks alwasy for the great support..

2016-05-17 // 22:04:09

thanks for putting my portraiut of clément on the front page today, but most important, THANK YOU Clément and his collaborators for putting up a fantastic polaroid festival in Paris this year again..

2016-03-16 // 11:01:00

Thanks a lot for putting my proposition for the 12.12 men's project on the front page today.
always appreciate your support and please keep on following all the other great menbers of this project, both men and women...

2016-02-29 // 16:28:08

WOW. 3 days in a raw! never happened to me before. 1000 thanks for all your votes, nice comments and very happy this series was so appreciated in here..

2016-02-15 // 09:39:09

always the best surprise when ever one of your pictures from a year and half ago gets on the front page...
shows me the sign that it's time to buy my ticket and go back to Tahiti!...

2016-02-03 // 12:41:24

MANY thanks guys for the votes and support.

2015-12-13 // 09:10:43

Polanoiders.... A BIG THANKS for putting 3 of my pictures from the series i took at the Opera of Oslo on the front page.
I very much appreciate your voting support through those years on this site.


2015-08-14 // 16:07:06

oh, just saw that my man in Bilbao was on the front page a couple of days ago.

thanks guys for the votes.