2011-06-28 // 20:51:52

i'm really sorry to hear that, even though i haven't been very active in the past few months either.. you've been an (THE!) important part of this website, and damn, this red ink was always great fun!

wish you all the best fuer die zukunft, und english wird mal eben in die tonne gekloppt. pfiati! :)


2009-07-30 // 12:58:32

well, i'm not sure about how "interesting" i think the concept is.. i think it's "interestin" how they handle copyright issues.. they say they are taking it serious, but on the other hand they encourage their users to take pictures from everywhere with help of their "clipping" app.. well, they probably took one of my less interesting polaroids, but anyway, i think that we should claim that. because the users are not aware of the meaning of copyright issues, which this comment, after removing some copyrighted pics, also shows: "all of my sets have been ruined. I now wonder why did I work so hard on them if they were going to be destroyed later."

2009-07-29 // 22:29:11

hey people!
can anyone tell me what polyvore is, or better, what the hell my pola ( »link ) is doing there (and dozens of other polas as well) ... ?

thx a lot,

2009-04-16 // 15:36:39

isn't there somebody out there, who has the urgent need to translate the "huge-magazine" from japanese to... well.. any language i could translate for myself.. (this would include nearly every language google tranlator can speak.. :D )

damn... :D

2009-02-22 // 02:36:55

well then.. i have no idea whether my order was successfull or not.. i thought yes because there was a book less left in the status.. but probably somebody else bought it at the same time.. still no order confirmation.

2009-02-21 // 19:21:41

guys, how long do i normally have to wait to receive the confirming mail from polapremium?...was a kinda strange process without a real confirmation..

2008-08-08 // 13:33:05

i missed so many stunning polaroids in the last few months where i haven't been here. due to the fact that i became really thoughfull before i take a polaroid (just a small stock left, too high prices, etc..) i do not have much to show, but i fuckin love what i have to show.

it's nice to be back, polanoiders! =)

2008-02-23 // 02:03:36

reprint of the polaroid book? hooray! good news! :)
but *this* cover? aye.... i nearly bought the old one, but i waited too long.. shit. the new one is bad compared with the really stylish old one.. :(

but joster, it looks like a reprint. had a look at some book-selling-homepages. identic number of polas (compared to the old one). another page says: new release / reprint.

i hope i won't wait too long this time.. :D

2008-02-09 // 16:04:29

:( is the only thing i can say..... :(

2008-01-13 // 15:53:07

austrian reply coming soon :)
(just a few more seconds to develop. come on.. come onnnnnn!! :D )