2007-08-29 // 17:27:23

this is the address of my new web site like creator of hand made books.


2007-05-08 // 01:18:35

for all that could be interested this is my new web site about all my work in photography and copy art from the 1983 at today.

Please if someone it's interested to link with me, write to
thanks for the attention

2006-10-26 // 09:43:39

I will thanks all that have sent me congratulation for the shot of the day. You are too gentle with me held account that many photos been released many years ago. I pick the occasion in order to thanks all those who have commented some of the photo I have posted. Your word are precious for me also if are critics.


2006-09-28 // 19:32:17

for who was interested to kabbalah

2006-09-28 // 02:03:01

Here is where you could find my first romance:
Galleria Buenos Aires - Toni Contiero - Aliberti editore (distribuzione RCS Rizzoli)


2006-09-16 // 02:26:05

- Yesterday I'm in Turin to meet my friend David Tibet of Current 93 and his wife Andria Degens. I made a book for her about her poetry: Peeling Oranges into Flowers. With hand made paper and mobile characters in limited edition of 105 es. You can find it in the next month on Durtro.com. I took some shoot of David and Andria on Polaroid. Upload when i've finished to work with it.
- Today I take some shot on polaroid of Elizabeth McGrath that it's host here at home of my friend Gabriele to present her new book: Everything that creeps. www.elisabethmcgrath.com.
Upload when I've finished to work with it.