2007-10-11 // 08:42:10

dear CG,
from a private point of view I really appreciate your xposed pics and stories, but maybe you should not :
- talk about that this way here
- get pissed off that much and write it everywhere each time somebody does not like one of your pics. Especially when its anonymous.
Just... Keep on xposing, dear ! ;-)

2007-09-17 // 20:31:31

the newsfeed dialogue has become far too acurate for non-english natives. Impossible to follow !

2007-09-11 // 21:49:53

i'm not impressed neither
and I do prefer indoor sports
... and I do not think, as someone says, that the best part in sex is about waiting :-)
see you next month !

2007-09-11 // 21:22:20

Mme xposed, I totally agree with Norah. Picnic season is over. And don't you EVER talk to me that way or I'll come and spank your ass.
Talking about projects, they are just like intercourse :
too short is deceiving. Too long is boring.

The old Battavia

2007-09-11 // 19:09:39

... these Xposed projects are soooooooo long... one more month ? Boring. If there were so few submissions, we just need another mission ! Come on, Mme !

2007-08-15 // 21:00:34

...a little late is better than never (blame it on the holydays) : Thanks once again, dear Xposed members, for making me Xotw two times in a row ! That was worth waiting for ! Long live polanoid and xposed !

2007-08-01 // 19:05:40

ooooh i feel better now.
So I'd like to thank deeply M.Valley Forge for having said that I could thanks all the naughty boys and girls here that made my pic XOTW
....(ooops... still not self-promo I hope ?)


2007-08-01 // 18:20:17

M.Battavia deeply thanks all the naughty boys and girls here that made his pic XOTW !
(ooops... is that self promo ?....)

2007-07-25 // 16:48:07

make it private, mr lalalalala. No dicks in main section, please.

2007-07-25 // 10:18:22

90275 polaroid pictures uploaded on this site. If we think that each pola costs an average 1,5 euro (retail price) that means : 135.412,5 euros !
and if we consider that each uploaded pola hides , let's say 3 bad ones thrown away (that is a very minimum), it means that at least 406.237,5 euros were spent only for this site.
Not bad for a "free" place....
(i'm quite sure the real amount of money , including cameras, is much much bigger :
....and that still makes Polanoid that priceless place I deeply love !!!!!