2009-06-18 // 23:10:50

in german: TV report at Deutsche Welle TV about the impossible project. »link

2008-11-04 // 09:21:04

THE THIRD EUROPEAN MONTH OF PHOTOGRAPHY - Polaroid group exhibition in Berlin!

»listen up

2007-12-05 // 22:59:09

Dear Polanoiders,
I will sell some of my Polaroids of the "Berlin Beauties"-series (»link) at the Berlin Designmarket "3&33" on the 8th and 9th of December.
For more information please have a look: »link

2007-06-11 // 08:44:07

"This means that the families of the subjects and/or the subjects themselves have given permission for these photographs to be used: benefitting emergency room triage and treatments."

...did not know that's what they were uploaded for on polanoid***

2007-06-10 // 23:13:01

to add something more //
regarding the aiaoe's 'censored' images.

in my opinion some of the contributions to the discussion missed the real point in this matter. it is not a question of how the viewers deal with the images! just ask yourself if you wanted pictures be published without prior agreement on a public internet site of yourself, your partner, children, parents,... killed in an accident or however. yes, to me this is first and foremost a question of decency than of anything else. the publishing of these pictures hurt the personal rights of the dead people to an extremely high degree and therefore they had to be 'made private' (thank you WM). that's the point and NOT if and in what way death can be pictured in art or if anybody else seeing the pictures feels uneasy or not***

2007-06-07 // 09:23:15

hi jenelle,
point 1: nightshots with available, artificial lights, i think are a problem with polaroid films (600, 778, 779, Time Zero, SX-70 Blend, whatever...) anyway and i think the last "side-by-side-comparison"-shots you uploaded are not very helpful out of this reason among other things.
point 2: if you want to have a fair "competition" of the two films it would be better to shot in good daylight conditions with the filter on both cartridges, both pictures with the same camera adjustments, the same framing, etc - you only get real A to B comparison shots with the only one (!) change in the setting (that would be just the film).
take care***

2007-06-05 // 09:18:57


Dear polanoid-members,

Nobody can imagine how happy I am that this will defenitely be the last time I have to announce changes regarding the ‚SHOT OF THE DAY’-book. As you may probably have read in the unsaleable-Newsletter, the book can be ordered online at unsaleable.com from NOW on!

But that’s not the end of the good news. Here are the final changes (and this time they are so GOOD!): Thanks to UNSALEABLE, it is not only the published artists who get a copy of this unique and breathtaking little book for the pure production costs of just 12 Euro (!) – regular prize is 20 Euro (»link)! - NO! AS A TRIBUTE TO ALL MEMBERS OF POLANOID, EVERY MEMBER OF THE POLANOID-COMMUNITY CAN BUY IT FOR THE SPECIAL POLANOID-PRIZE!!!

You can get a clue of what is waiting for you in the book by filter all SotD-shots on polanoid.net by the tag "pps03_book". So now, lean back, order the book and enjoy the printed version of the polanoid-SotD-instant fun!

Merci beaucoup!, ˇMuchas gracias!, Vielen Dank!, Thanks to everybody!


2007-06-01 // 02:13:00

SHOTS OF THE NIGHT - Celebs Exposed

WANT to see the stars like never before? Then buy a telescope. Or, better still, check out Celebs Exposed. Every day - and every night - our team of top snappers are rubbing shoulders with celebrities at all the hottest parties, premieres and bashes. That's why our Bizarre section is always choc full of brilliant photos. »link

2007-05-23 // 09:26:54

in case you missed this amazing muttertag series (as i did) -> DO NOT MISS THEM THIS TIME: »link

2007-05-20 // 23:54:30

::some additional information::

First of all A BIG THANK YOU to everybody who submitted their SOTDs! And THANKS AGAIN to all of you who provided us with their thoughts and ideas regarding the SHOT OF THE DAY project.

For technical reasons we had to slim the book to 100 pages, so unfortunately not every SOTD that was uploaded could be published in this first SHOT OF THE DAY-book. Sorry for that!

Now, the artists featured in the first SOTD book are:
arcykundel, artpunk, bluetone, brother_james, Camarupa, candicetripp, carmendevos, caro_paris, centecente, ching, colourspace, David_S, daytrips, defekto, demoforest, diarizado, easy012, eddie_austin_is_not_eccentric, ELRAFAEL, Esther.Z.Schnickenacke, FILIPPO, foxbox, franck, fritz, Giulia Gomiero, goanimal, gotosleep, granthamilton, Gulli, hally, iso50, Jakob.Salomon, jeansman, joe, julienb, KirkT, ksvks, lars.blumen, lhirondelle, LiA, lingdum, lo-fi, lomo.ricardo, lorseau, louobedlam, Maciej.Pachowicz, marko, massifuckinposer, mathieu, moonalisa, morganx99, motel, nel, nicole, Norah.Goldenbogen, OuroborosX, piotr_zastrozny, poki, retina, Reyo, ringo, rodeo, roidrage, Shlomo.Ben.Jussuf , sixblueten, Soreal, spitocco, stEVE, tiki, timide_ch, Urizen, Vin-z, wild

*the book will be available at unsaleable.com soon (more information coming up)!