2010-03-07 // 06:33:23

wow. just got home to see the sotd. thank you guys very very much. you all are pure awesomeness.


2008-09-03 // 00:27:00

i wanna see infinity comes this way!! while i still have the film. =[

2008-08-12 // 02:23:14

oh...apparently you have to be smarter than the computer...which i am not. oops.

2008-08-12 // 01:46:55

why is the uploading process on this site so retarded?!? argh. how many times do i need to fill out the same information?!?

2008-08-07 // 10:19:54

ah...feels so good to be shooting again. oh how i've missed this place.

2008-04-10 // 03:15:52

thank you wonderful polanoiders for the votes, comments, and favs. considering how time and work i put into that piece, the sotd is so very much appreciated.


2008-03-13 // 22:12:32

goddamn...i wish i was back in paris. specifically on tuesday. sounds like awesome time.

2007-11-15 // 05:46:53

oh how i love the current project. soooo many great shots.

and, not that anyone really cares, i withdrew my first submission and chose something else. i was fighting it so. but...well...seeing exithp's fucking amazing mosaic in there, i was inspired and motivated.

2007-11-14 // 04:57:44

any polanerds in houston?!? i'm stuck here right now and need some help.

2007-11-10 // 04:09:16

does a mosaic count as your one and only best SHOT?
no, seriously.
i'm confused...seeing as how they have at least more than one photo in it.