2016-04-01 // 08:29:18

Here is some of my stock:
89, 5 packs, exp. 3/2008
84, 3 packs, exp. 2007/2008
SX70, 3 packs, exp. 1/2007
667, 4 packs, exp. 2007/2008
664, 1 pack, exp. 2/2009
600, at least 20 packs, different expiry dates
690, 10 packs, exp. 5/2009
Image for Image System, at least 6 packs, different expiry dates
779, 1 pack, exp. 3/2008

I can't guarantee that they still work… the image film that I recently used had some issues with dead batteries…
1 pack = 10 photos.

vwmarlen/atgmail.com (de/fr/en)


hello polanoiders!

I've found plenty of original polaroid film in my basement… many different types of film.
I don't use it anymore, so if you're interested, send me a message!


2008-07-07 // 15:05:24

il chante comme un chien qui est en train de mourir :-O

2008-06-05 // 12:47:44

the lötkolben thing might be interesting. i'm sure it's worth a try usw. we have to face the future, you're right.
but i think most of us have still have a broken heart. :-(
^ this is not about replacing sumfin (we all love) with sumfin else.
it's simply about exploring sumfin completely new in addition.

good old *analog* instant photography is not dead!
noch lang nicht - keine angst..


2008-06-04 // 19:06:59

(i thought it was nothing new to draw on a blank sheet of paper)
^ but with a loetkolben?
with a feuerzeug?
with your hot pants?

could you do this before?

^ ..but zeriously (for a rare change)

The project is about discovering what kindof creativity for manipulation this new medium allows.
the ZINK paper has been developped throughout many many years now, with the goal to produce as good as possible photographic prints with "vivid colors" and "high resolution" (without any ink - which is a wondaful idea I'd say)
But what we wanna find out now is what else you can do with that paper, aside from creating a quality print from your cellphone pictures.
Of course it is nuffin new to draw on your print, nuffin new to heat your print, microwave it, cook, boil, burn, water, bury it..
That's what is so great about Polaroid film - that it much more alllows you to interact with the medium, than "normal" film does.
The ZINK paper is a new photographic medium - and we simply wanna find out what this medium can offer in terms of physical image manipulation.


^ ..and for the "blank sheet of paper":
since there is only a handfull of people worldwide who own a ZINK printer at the moment, we (proud to be part of the aforementioned small hand) decided to only submit "manipulations" of the empty paper for the project, like the 100 zink-explorers will do.
(would be a bit unfair to let doc or webbo win the project - they both have a printer already anyway ; )


2008-04-30 // 00:39:45

we're addicts, but quand même, if everyone here makes it to 1-10000 $ already, it could work. begging friends, relatives, enterprises …

but as i said, i have no clue.

2008-04-29 // 22:37:33

i'd do it, but i have no clue how these money-things work and i'm regularly broke anyway. people would lose all their money if they gave it to me …

it would be great if we had some people here who know how to start up with it.

i'd sell my soul for some $$ (or rather €€) to invest. i'd organize money. that's what i could and would do.

2008-04-29 // 19:33:34

is there nobody with a rich sheikh as grandfather or whatever?

we need money, knowhow and some people to run our own polaroid-factory. the clients we have already.

2008-04-18 // 09:38:53

there is finally an article about polaroid in the local newspaper from biel/bienne, switzerland. there's also a link to polanoid.net.

maybe my save-polaroid-propaganda helped :-D

2008-04-10 // 19:48:07

i know the pola history. it's just strange to see polaroid advertisements. it's he first polaroid-ad i saw in my whole life!

and i thought polaroid-sunglasses were out for a long time by now …

(and there's no need to go on my nerves ;)

2008-04-10 // 15:07:05

today i saw a polaroid advertisement in my town. for sun glasses :-/