2008-07-08 // 00:42:04

Finally bought a scanner - an Epson V700. Awesome machine, very versatile. I can't wait to scan all my Polaroids to share!

2008-03-14 // 23:10:51

I am now living in the town of Rota, in the province of Cadiz, in the country of Spain.

Just moved here a little over a month ago. Still waiting for my personal property shipment to come in (my SX-70 camera is in one of those boxes).

Spain is lovely, and old, and full of life.

I need to go out more.

2007-01-02 // 22:44:51

i just moved into a new apt in Washington DC. I've also mailed out my printer/scanner to my sister. However shall I scan and upload my new Polaroids?

Love will find a way...

2006-12-09 // 07:29:54

i got myself a new battery for my 340! The self timer doesn't seem to be working, so that kind of sucks (no self portraits...), but I'll take it out tommorrow and see what it can do. the 3 test shots I've done so far were blech.

2006-11-03 // 09:17:38

so, i've been on this site for a couple of days, and I'm addicted! everyone has really good work, and there's no sense of snobbishness that I find in other upload sites *ahem*deviantart...

everyone's been so welcoming, and i'm glad to be a part of this community.

i was just thinking yesterday why i love polaroids so much. it has to do with its ability to truly capture the moment, THE MOMENT, not only as it is, but as the artist sees it. unlike other photography, polaroids give us instant result, and it a vintage wash, as if the moment were already in the past.

2006-10-31 // 18:30:17

Hi! brand new here, and I love everyone!