2006-12-04 // 04:47:04

Some have asked about the conversion cameras I use. I have two 110A and three 800 converted. One of the 800 and one of the 110A have the 100B/900 style combo rangefinder/viewfinder. I have never owned a 110B but I've used the viewfinders from 900's to convert several 110A to 110B specs. Most 900's I find are non-functioning and can be salvaged for many,many parts. I don't sell cameras but I do trade them for stuff I can't afford,like a digital back for a project to convert a 95A for digital use. I know that sounds crazy but the photos so far look amazing and the first one I did was claimed by the dealer who rented me the digiback I used to test it. I had to purchase a micro-drive and borrow a MAC to use the kodak back I rented,so until I can afford to undertake such an ambitious project with the needed resources,it sits. All the photos I took are in RAW and I still haven't purchased a program to convert them for printing and such.

I like the 800s for the nice Ivory color and unique trim details but I'll likely do a 95A with a 110 lens and some type of custom rangefinder. Those cameras are the most amazingly beautiful Polaroids (in my opinion). That's it for the conversion news. If/when I ever get the digital 95A done I'll post pics and results. I'll start on the converted pack film 95A as soon as I get the current 800 project properly tweaked (this one is stubbornly out of focus).

2006-12-04 // 02:22:07

I just took delivery of a Pro Cam and a few packs of Spectra film. The photos so far look great but I'll wait to post until I get the subject matter I'm looking for. The B&W of the 667 and 664 film seems to better portray a mood than some of the color films but I think that has more to do with my skill level (or lack of) than the film. We'll see.

2006-12-02 // 22:29:22

Hello to all the Polar users and fans. I'm just developing my Polaroid skills and have started off converting a few old roll-film cameras to spur my enthusiasm. I was trying a few different films but I've decided to stick with 667 and the 600se until I sharpen my skills a bit. Once I fugure out some of the techniques, I'll add some color photos and those taken with some of the other Polaroids I own.

Any helpful advice is welcome as I am a lifetime student and would love add "photographer" to my skillset.

I like tasteful nudes and will likely post a few when I get the confidence and find a nice model.