2008-01-28 // 01:43:17

Polkadots is officially dead, in virtual and real life.

There will be no more picture from this account.
No need to close it.
Pictures will stay as souvenirs.

Thanks polanoid for all the fun here.

Maybe ex ms or ex mr will come back here one day.

But for now this place means regrets.


2008-01-11 // 20:42:25

Hehe, Oh yea zvel, I know their business is like that.

It was kindof a wink...

2008-01-11 // 14:20:15

Actually, it would be very nice that people from unsaleable, who know a lot more than us about polaroid stories [I hope], tell us what are the news.

Is 600/779 production ending?
When is it going to be stopped if not yet?

Which films have seen their production stopped recently?
What about 669? 667? 664?

What's up with fuji?
Do unsaleable have real contacts with fuji?

Actually the main questioning is about 600/779 films and 669...
There is no equivalent film [don't say fp100C for 669 it's not the same at all] for these ones.
And it would be nice to know a little before, not to fall again into frenesy like what happened for sx70.

I mean the official announce of the 600/779 end will probabily again be at the last moment. And I think many people here would like to make a progressive stock of the last films they love before the end, and before the prices get crazily too high because of the "now it's rare" parameter.

Well... We already started our stock.

Oh still in january! Happy new year everyone...

2008-01-09 // 14:38:02

Hei people!

We need some broken cameras here!

Needing broken:
SX70 alpha 1 Revue
SX70 alpha 1 SE

Please help us [we give film or prints in exchange]

2007-12-28 // 10:29:41

Haha we like this project.

Gonna make the pic soon.

2007-12-07 // 14:13:02

polkadots felt very offended too.

2007-12-06 // 22:31:02

Pour les parisiens polanoideurs.

Un stock de 664 à écouler.
Expiré mais fonctionnant parfaitement.

Moins cher qu'unsaleable!

En mains propres uniquement.

Nous contacter si ça vous intéresse.

2007-11-30 // 11:26:40

Hah you forgot screenshots!

2007-11-27 // 10:34:45

After the neverending debate on photoshop manipulations...

Question of the day [Qotd]

What's worse [because there's no good]...
*Over-photoshop a scanned polaroid.
*Take a pola screenshot of an over-photoshopped digital picture.

2007-11-23 // 23:14:39

C'était préméditté avec la participation de MarthAlbator.