2011-09-01 // 08:11:12

warm thanks to all the dear friends who voted for my shot - *touched*. love to all xxx

2011-05-16 // 11:31:44

my first sotd with new Impossible material - thankyou so much, polanoiders, it's always an honour! x

2010-12-27 // 11:31:23

Thankyou folks, for this shot of the day :) 2 days late, but what a wonderful christmas present - danke danke :)
^ bitte, bitte

and big zorry for the delay
I was a bissi busy


2010-09-06 // 14:10:21

many thanks to everyone who voted/faved/commented - always a pleasure to get sotd on here :) this new PX70 film looks more than inspiring - cant wait to shoot more with it!

2010-01-18 // 21:24:13

Hey all,
Does anyone happen to have a spare #593 close-up kit for 180 cameras for sale? Mine is broken :(
The lens is fine, I only need a kit for the viewfinder - so i guess a #583A for 250/350 cameras would do too.
If anyone has got that kind of stuff in store, please get in touch :)

2010-01-06 // 09:18:19

What better way than a SotD to start the new year? many many thanks for those who voted
and a most happiest 2010 to everyone!

2009-09-15 // 09:31:48

I certainly wasnt expecting any kind of birthday present from Polanoid, but here's one - and the greatest one ever!! Thanks so much, everyone who voted/commented/faved - this is making my day :)

2009-03-09 // 11:21:59

Thankyou so much everyone for making my broken self SotD! I surely wasn't expecting this at all when i posted it, and the warm encouraging words literally made my sun-day a lot brighter! thankyouuuu folx, and have a great week!

2009-03-01 // 17:16:09

@esmeralda: i'll reply to you on your guestbook - dont wanna bore everyone with that old issue on the newsfeed :)
@edward: appreciate your word ;p

2009-03-01 // 13:19:36

I didnt have the patience to read the whole "downloading" debate - but from what i've seen in the latest messages, I've got to say im with vaporiss on the subject... i dont really care about people blogging my pictures (i take it as a compliment, rather), i dont even care if they dont mention my name or provide links to my flickr / polanoid - as long as they dont pretend it's actually *their* own work, it's okay with me. This has become so common on the web, these days - im afraid theres nothing we can do about it.
What really does piss me off though is plain *copycats* who steal ideas and techniques without even giving credit, and then pretend it all came out of their own mind. This has really made me want to quit uploading stuff here and there a couple of times.
As for the buttons issue - im with philippe. I do enjoy downloading my personal polanoid faves onto my pc, so i can look at them and love them any time. My desktop default pic, for instance, is one of Drugo's masterpieces, and im grateful im allowed to see it whenever i turn my computer on. I hope he doesnt mind, btw :) Anyway, i think it'd be a shame to disable that button, really.