2006-02-02 // 10:54:12

Just want to say a BIG thanks to the Polanoid crew for shot of the day, This great site that has brought me great joy and love for Polaroidís, love the community.

Pola will never dieÖ..


2005-12-30 // 15:49:50

When your young you assume that money is everything, and when you get older you know it.....

2005-12-28 // 10:00:09

I've just won myself a SX-70, sweet!

2005-12-13 // 00:26:54

on the late shift uploading, red eyed! and sleepy....more to come... ....

2005-12-02 // 09:39:33

Ahh! Nicole your words are so true it's cold to here too, could be a lot of portraits and pictures of in side popping up on my home.......I hate the COLD!!!!

2005-11-29 // 18:23:25

I'm sad :( no more film left, I think I have Polaroid withdrawal symptoms..... It's like when drugs wear off, I feel so moody.

Could be saved from this if my holga & polaroidback arrives tomorrow....

2005-11-27 // 00:21:55

Ahh! it's been a good day today, my Polaroid Vision is a blessing in disguise, what fun Iím having and it's less than 24 hrs old. I feel like Christmas has come early.... and Iím expecting my Holga-polaroid back next week....