2006-12-30 // 04:08:03

My girlfriend and I just got back from our Christmas trip to southern California where we spent it with my family. While there I took some Polas of my deceased grandparents ranch that is full of photographable goodies! Unfortunately, I got there right when the light began to wane, so another trip is called for.

I grew up with Polaroid cameras in my family--I just never thought they still kept them. My uncle lent me grandma's Sun600 LMS, but to my dismay, it's not working. Hopefully I can find a place that can repair it. Then my mom busted out her working Supercolor 635CL. I don't know if any of these cameras are worth the cartridge, but the Supercolor shot clear and crisp portraits.

If anyone knows the date of these cameras, I'd truly appreciate it!

2006-12-22 // 23:42:03

Today my profile hit 100 views. I'm flattered. I'm trying my best to create a pola-portfolio that will make it worth my visitor's time.

2006-12-18 // 18:29:45

I found out that the chemicals are leaking from my "Classics 1999-2001." I guess I shouldn't have kept them in the garage where it gets extremely hot and cold during the seasons. I imagine the damage is irreparable, but will it continue to bleed even when stored in more temperate-friendly conditions?

2006-12-13 // 22:31:20

I'm done uploading what I feel are my best 13 Polaroids taken when I first bought the camera. I've entitled it "Classics 1999-2001." I hope you all like!

I will begin uploading the Polas I've been taking since I've joined. This site's great! You all shoot magical work that pushes my ambitions! I don't look at my surroundings the same anymore.