2008-05-23 // 06:49:18

ok, does anyone know anything about a close-up lens for the 600SE? i finally got one of these beauties this week and would really like a close-up for it. i am totally ignorant so any advice/help/offers to sell me one would be awesome!

2008-05-08 // 06:01:30

you guys gotta check this out. a commercial for the SX-70 made by the eames'. it's pretty cool.


2008-04-23 // 17:25:26

OK, I am getting desperate here. I really need a close-up accessory for my new shiny SLR 680. Can anyone help? I can pay $$ or trade film for one. If you have one that you never use, or know of a site where I can get one, please let me know! Otherwise you will not be blessed with seeing the wonderful close-up shots I surely will produce if I have this awesome accessory.

2008-04-20 // 22:31:03

I just found this site »link that has a kit for $79. Have you heard anything about it? Has anyone tried it?

2008-04-20 // 20:20:52

Hello 'noiders! Now that I actually see daylight again I may be able to start shooting some pictures instead of just hording film. I am going to buy an SLR 680 and I am wondering what kind of accessories are out there for it. As you know, I love the close-up photography and I can't seem to find any info on a close-up lens for the 680. Does one exist? Thanks!!

2008-02-09 // 17:20:22

the saddest day in a long time - all i can think about is all the film that gets wasted on party shots and all the crappy pictures i have taken over the years that cannot be undone to give me new chances.

At least we still have Fuji packfilms...

2008-01-15 // 04:14:59

thanks for the props pear. it was pretty fun to do and i only went through about 50 shots to get the 9 decent ones you see...not *much* work. i actually built a fire in my backyard to try and get the egg in an actual fire at night, but had to settle for the fireplace instead because the wind kept blowing my fire out of the shot. nothing wrong with having a bit of unstunning fun once in awhile. ;)

2008-01-01 // 23:14:30

i have been away for awhile. hopefully have time to take some polas again soon. happy new year everyone!

2007-11-10 // 18:58:29

just to add my 1.5 cents: if someone submits more than one photo to any project that specifically asks for only one, then all of their entries should be disqualified. if you can't read the rules, you can't play the game.

drewbaker: how did your show come out? was there tons of sexy girls fawning over you trying to get into one of your polas (and your pants)?

2007-10-27 // 02:36:24

that shipping is a COMPLETE rip off. We can send a pack of film in an $11 priority mail flat rate envelope anywhere in the world. Even in a box it would be $20, not the $34 the seller is charging. these are one of those VERY few times i am glad i don't live in euorope. of course then i could afford unsaleable shipping and get great films anyway :)