2011-04-30 // 23:09:43

Argh! Why does film cost nearly 20 for 8 shots? I took photographs today for the first time in 2 years and although they aren't terribly good it really made me want to take more instant shots but I don't think I'm willing to sell a kidney in order to afford to do so.

2008-07-02 // 15:13:33

So glad I got my camera out again yesterday - and so happy to be going home to Scotland for a visit in less than two weeks. It will give me some time to see my friends and lick my battle scars. ;)

Hope everyone on Polanoid is well. x

2007-10-24 // 18:20:32

So...finally uploaded some images after I joined ages ago after being directed here by a friend.
Already finding the site really welcoming and full of very inspiring images. I'm happy I finally got my ass in gear and posted something! x