2022-04-12 // 18:32:22

Good to see this site is still alive - just! Happy memories

2017-09-23 // 18:43:19

Amazing that my little girl on my profile is now 18 and driving, all the digital pics of her are seldom if ever seen, the film/Polaroid/Instax ones are often shuffled through :))))

2016-12-14 // 18:16:00


Fuji Instax goes Square and new cameras next year plus I have tried the new monochrome instax mini and its very good - used it in the new Leica Sofort - an interesting new take on the Fuji Neo 90, some bits better, some not.

2015-08-06 // 14:23:49

Yeah a track or two from UK Subs or The Vibrators should do it , but seriously if not the film pack sensor or battery I think it is most likely dead (:

2015-08-03 // 21:42:13

Hi Zvevi,

On the internet I found:-

"I believe the problem to be a dirty film sensor, especially if the camera has not been used in some time. If you open the film door you will see a yellow mark on the right hand top corner. directly below this yellow mark on the right hand bottom corner you will see a small metal tab sticking out of the camera body. This tab is the sensor that tells the camera if it has film in it or not. I would try giving this a gentle jiggle with your finger to free it up. You can find the exact location of this sensor by looking at the film pack and observing where the groove is, as this is the groove that the sensor rides in.

I hope this solves your problem dear friend?

Best regards and enjoy your holiday

2015-03-30 // 13:29:39

New Instant TLR camera from MINT:-



2015-01-14 // 17:34:40

Fujifilm's sales of Instax instant cameras have grown 25% year on year for several years now and they now sell around 2,500,000 cameras per year, that's a lot of cameras and a hell of a lot of film ! I have an Instax Mini 90 Neo and with the extra features they gave this little gem it certainly is a hell of a lot of fun and the results can be amazing:)

2014-12-01 // 13:48:33


2014-11-13 // 20:49:11

Well I will be a Dingo's left testicle you are still here :)

2013-09-28 // 19:06:57

The fun has gone from here BUT just saw these on eBay, now that new 90 model does look like a big dose of fun :)
BTW I'm not the seller!