2008-03-05 // 10:38:12

Hi !
We have 4 polaroid exhibition running in East France (Dijon, Besançon, Belfort and Mulhouse) untill march 8th. You can see there polaroid samples of Lia Saile, Carmen Devos, Tod Brilliant, Corrado Dalco, Benoit Rugama, Sikost.... In total, 40 international Polaroists and about 100 Polaroid samples.
We also edited a polaroid book to complete the exhibitions, with 80 pages of pictures and 16 pages of text.. It's a marvellous book and its aim is to promote the work of all those Polaroist we selected. You can see an extract of it here : »link
and most of the polaroids we exhibit iin our website here : »link
For those who would be interest we sell the book 15€ + transport. It is a low price cause we don't have any desire to make any profit on it..