2007-12-03 // 13:22:25

Just uploaded my first instant pics in ages.
Its hard to get near a computer again after spending so many hours a day working on one.

I shall make more of an effort to upload. I shall.


2007-07-13 // 12:38:25

Just relocated to Melbourne, Australia and need some advise. It has been three years since I lived here last, so this a message to any Australian users:

Where is the best place to get Polaroid film cheap? Or is the best bet still on line? Iknow there is Jessops and JB Camera shop but any suggestions will be much appreciated.

I had a cool result last time I was here on Smith St. Got 15 expired 600 film for 10 bucks a pop. Would love to replicate that.

cheers steve

2007-05-23 // 10:41:21

Cheers jenellenorris. Will check out those links this morning.

2007-05-22 // 18:39:38

Just have to say how impressed I am with your SX-70 blend film. Just recently loaded a pack and the results compared to the 600 on my SLR 680 are amazing. So much more colour, contrast and life to them. Real great job guys.

Havent used the original film for years so I don't know how it compares.

Quick question:

I have had my SLR 680 since 1999 and I pretty much have worn it down to the bone (I use to take it everywhere), so it struggles to take shots when you manually focus and the auto function can be hit and miss at the best of times. The strange thing is the photos it has taken in the last two years seem to have lost there vibrancy compared to when I first bought it! Is that possible?

If only I had lots of money to spare I would shoot the blend all the time.
^ about your SLR 680:
have you tried cleaning the mirror?
maybe this will do the trick.

about the Blend:
would you mind repeating what you just said in jenellenorris' guestbook?
; )


2007-04-27 // 18:14:33

At last I have managed to get funds together to buy some SX-70 film. Now I can finally use my SX-70 that I purchased a while ago and the 1000 camera I won.

Would go on a photo hunt this weekend but I am moving out of the flat on Monday so most of my time will involve cleaning and packing : (


How do you include links to polaroids you like on this site, so you can share them with people?

I can see the radiant sunshine communicating with me and whispering beer garden very softly. Roll on 5.30pm so I can leave work. Have a great weekend everyone.

2007-04-18 // 18:32:00

Not only have I uploaded my 100 instant photograph I have also received my temporary resident visa for Australia (a very painfull process and I wouldn't recommend it to anyone). After three years in good old blighty it's back to Melbourne for good.

Edinburgh has been good to me and if anyone gets the chance, visit the city around festival time. Not only is it a beautiful place but lots of fun to.

happy shooting.

2007-03-31 // 22:32:08


‘Bringing back the instant fun’

I do believe this site offers many things to many people. Isn't one of the core aspects of the site to have the largest collection of instant photography on the web? Am I right or wrong? I certainly upload Polaroids that I dont; in the slightest, consider highly creative but are nevertheless adding to the grand scheme. A high percentage of uploads will always be mediocre.

Although I very much see your view point.

Aaaahhhh! Feel better now.

2007-03-14 // 13:16:17

Hi webmeister, just wondering when I would take delivery of that lovely Polaroid camera that I won for the 'stripes' project? My excitement is getting the better of me I am afraid. Also, I will be moving out of my flat soon and then out of the country, so a delivery address maybe a bit tricky in the near future (basically will be homeless for a while)

cheers steve

2007-02-28 // 10:49:33

ipod has come back to life! I have no faith in its longevity though. Enjoy the mobile tunes while I can I guess.

Pay day today so going to get me a fix of SX-70 film. Haven't shot any in about 4 years. Might have to go on a little one day photo trip somewhere In Scotland on a Saturday soon.


2007-02-27 // 16:57:19

WOW! Cant believe it, I actually won 'The Stripes' comp. Bit speechless. Thanks to the panel and all those that viewed the shot and placed a SOTD. Guess this will make up for my ipod deciding to die today.

Digital sucks, Analogue rules!

: ) well chuffed.