2008-03-26 // 19:59:00

My Polaraoid book, Mondo Defekto is in. Only 100 copies printed...all signed and numbered. I have about 30-40 copies left. If anyone is interested, you can get book information here...

2007-10-23 // 23:05:46

Years ago I used to use my Spectra to take photos of pictures that I enlarged on a copy machine. It was fun and I got a lot of cool photo. Last year our dear (now 30 year-old) friend Louie Noble gave me an attachment to take macro shots w/ my Spectra. I tried it out a couple of times and put it away.

This afternoon I took it out again and I REALLY like it! Check the two most recent photos...If you don't know me, be warned, I don't have a tasteful bone in my body.

2007-01-03 // 21:20:18

Happy New Year everyone...hope to see lots more GREAT Polaroids this year.

I think I have gone through four Spectra's this year..the fourth of which died on New Year's Eve...maybe because it crashed to the ground a few weeks earlier at a pillow fight...

Looking forward to an amazing year with Polaroid figuring heavily into it. Cheers!

2006-11-12 // 01:56:41

Have I said lately how much I love Polanoid? I wish I could spend more time discovering all the awesome new Polaroids and Polanoiders that have been contributing to the archive, .but I've been a little busy.

Thankfully some of my time has been spent with my Spectra. I'm still coasting on a shitload of film I got out of this job to shoot a big party and hand out Polaroids...I ended up w/ about 500+ exposures for myself as payment and my fridge is still holding about 10 double packs, so I'm good for a few weeks.

Thanks to Doc and the Polanoid(r) staff for their continued passion in all things Polaroid.

2006-04-20 // 03:36:33

I just got (bid and won) a Minolta Instant Pro which is kinda the same as a Spectra. Anyone have experience w/ it and are you happy w/ the results?

It's kind of like trying different types of crack at this point....

2006-04-07 // 01:43:12

On top of all of his other duties, I guess Doc never had time to get that Polanoir live video feed so we could all be at the opening.

Cheers! (drink in hand)

2006-04-04 // 23:43:59


Sadly, I will not be able to attend the grand Polanoir opening, but hope there will be lots of photos being taken. I really want to see the work hanging and the space.

Maybe there will even be shots of people in their underwear at the opening. hint. hint.
^ underwear? I got no idea what you're talkin about, man...

2006-03-30 // 04:05:36

I am going to cry....

I finally got my 680, took three photos and then the flash stopped working!

When I flick the flash switch back and forth the light blinks for a second then nothing. :(((

Does anyone know if this is a common problem?

2006-03-26 // 03:59:17

Polaroid 680 Action!

Snagged my first 680 on Ebay tonight... now maybe I can get on w/ those fetish/sex/hotness Polaroids I mentioned before.

I tried w/ my Spectra and it wasn't really cutting it. So we'll try again.

2006-03-24 // 23:55:59

Thank you Polanoir! And thank you everyone for the big thumbs up!