2008-02-15 // 15:09:45

I'm curious has anyone tried handcoloring polaroid B&W peel apart? I'm not sure if the surface would take it (even *with* a matte spray...)
I'll probally try it myself ayway but I'd apperciate any tip's/tricks.
^ I strongly recommend checking out my sistah's handpaintings - she's the queen of that stuff.
(..and she invented the apache webserver - geniousality seems to run in the family)



2008-02-14 // 03:19:10

I have one of the original SX-70 albums, it's great, but good luck finding refill pages.

2008-02-13 // 23:42:41

(it's nice to see everyone coming together to accomplish something)

2008-02-11 // 23:03:03

ok So I criticized zink and you called me a "lame ass emo kid" thats *textbook* Ad hominem.

2008-02-11 // 22:35:37

I'm not an emo, not even a little bit, thank you very much.
But hey, thanks for the Ad hominem attack, you really showed off your "intellectual side".

2008-02-11 // 21:27:26

Zink is a toy , you cant really call it an instant picture system, it's a printed photo, based on old technology ( we had photo printing thermal printers when I was a kid, it was called the game boy printer, it came out in 1998, we used it with our game boy cameras, it was basically a black and white mini-zink)
pardon me for being cynical but I don't foresee brilliant works of art coming from a camera phone.

2008-02-11 // 14:55:46

Allot of Polaroidís financial troubles go way back. For starters the massive failure of polavision in the instant market, it was a scientific marvel, but it was lacking in the basic features conventional super 8 had (e.g. sound, high speed color etc.), and super 8ís dayís of popularity in the amateur market were rapidly fading as VHS was about to make itís debut. Also there was Kodakís entry into the instant market, with their patent infringing cameras and film, costing Polaroid massive legal fees, and customers. All of this left Polaroid vulnerable to a takeover attempt by Shamrock Holdings in the late 80ís, fighting this takeover attempt cost Polaroid even more money! Edwin Land was asked to step down, (a big mistake, on Polaroidís part) after polavision (but not before he invented time Zero to replace SX-70) blah blah blah they filed for bankruptcy in the 2000ís and now the scum at petters owns the Polaroid name.
The rights to polaroid films need to be back in the hands of someone who gives a damn about their customers, though I *could* learn to appreciate fuji, it will never become a moving force in my life like polaroid, that is why polaroid films survival is so important!

2008-02-11 // 03:08:36

Where IS pear? Polanoid needs the precocious little scamp to keep it's spirits up... : /

2008-02-10 // 08:45:42

A little callous today aren't we?
I don't think netiquette has anything to do with it, this is genuinely sad news and people are looking for comfort.

2008-02-10 // 00:24:05

WHY!? it's not fair! I don't want Fuji I want Polaroid (I don't know why, but it matters), how the hell did this happen?
I am seriously on the verge of a nervous breakdown. Obviously all my spare cash is going to be spent on Polaroid film this year. I know it's irrational but a part of me is dying. I've invested time, and money into something thats genuinely important to me and now those douche bags at Petters are going to take it all away!?.
I can't even think straight...
And now I get to go to Fuji, and it feels dirty, I'll be betraying a brand that I made a part of my existence, and the legacy of a man, of unmeasurable greatness.
Petters has wiped their ass with Polaroids good name and it's utterly revolting.
Pardon my French but FUCK FUCK FUCK FUUCCCKK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What's next!? No more film!? That will be the day I stop taking photos, I would die a thousand deaths before going digital.
I apologize for my excessive ranting, but I can't keep this inside.