2007-07-31 // 20:36:28

Hi polkadots! dont be sad...


2007-06-21 // 20:47:46

Now... Thats bizarre!

2007-06-14 // 23:12:28

Hi guys you should take a look at this one!... I think this pola is amazing...!


2007-05-31 // 23:28:19

Hi guys!

You should go have a look at this picture. I love it... have been looking at it the whole day...


2007-05-31 // 08:49:01

hey mr.vallley! what about your profile photo?!... It seems very grey to me!...

2007-05-29 // 22:56:19

You're right valley... Life goes on!....

2007-05-29 // 22:48:10

The day arrived... No more sx-70 films at unsaleable... )-:

2007-05-25 // 11:27:13

No sunshine, No polaroids...

but have a look anyway!...

2007-05-07 // 22:15:07

And by printer... I mean scanner...

2007-05-07 // 22:12:54

I am sick and tired of crappy scans! Does any of you pola guys have any advices? What should i do to make em look better? Should i just buy a new printer? Please help me! Sander