2007-10-23 // 09:14:37

It's not news, it's a question. Assuming I've yet to discover a hidden forum or dictum somewhere here, please if you will, indulge me for a moment. Everyone of course has their own definition of how a Polaroid image should stand in the digital world. Each of us justify making our art better with ideas and techniques we're comforable with. Polanoid and Polaroid photography invoke a certain purity through nostalgia or traditionalism. What then are the acceptable standards for what should be maintained or modified in a scanned Polaroid? Is the goal to match the print as closely as possible? Or is there freedom in making minor contrast and tonal adjustments?

When shooting Type 100 film using a Holgaroid, the extra black on the right side of the frame serves no purpose. I crop it out in PS and frame it according to the actual image area.