2012-02-19 // 19:52:50

Some interesting (non-Polaroid) action photography here... Please consider voting for my artists friends here in Chicago from Renegade Dance Architects. They could really use your help! Vote using your Facebook account. Thank you!


2012-01-21 // 21:33:14

...a new long term project?


2012-01-17 // 05:47:35

Hey friends,

"Art in an Instant", an all-Polaroid exhibition, is happening in Scranton, Pennsylvania right now. Tell your friends!


2011-02-03 // 23:17:04

Hello everyone!
Have a look at my blog-

Become a Follower if you like what you see. Thank you!

2010-05-11 // 22:07:43

Updates! Your feedback is welcome. ;)

2009-12-11 // 04:37:37

new and exciting polas here!

2009-04-02 // 18:28:18

I will be exhibiting a collection of 25 polaroids in the Green Bay Area next month.
Should be a great show, the other artists are stellar, like this guy:
This is also the grand opening for the Eclipse Gallery. »link
Tell your friends in Wisconsin! or look at the project from home! »link

2008-03-12 // 17:48:46

live art+light paintings


2008-01-27 // 16:10:34

exploring the edges of everything


2008-01-24 // 20:34:36