2006-02-10 // 05:00:57

Thank you, thank you for "Shot of The Day" award.
I'm very please and this is my honor to get it.

Thank you everyone who give me a "congrat", kind words,
comment or even smile :-)

I found a lot of warm friendliness here. Thanks again Polanoid.

Yippy y yyy!!!

2006-01-31 // 06:30:42

Yesterday I got my new SX-70 Alpha1.
I'm so glad when the postman arrive and give me a parcel. Even though I know the SX-70 too late coz now time zero film is out of production but I'm ok and happy to have my own one. It's so classic polaroid camera, you all know. ;-)

2005-11-29 // 11:07:16

Today is the first day I know this website. My young brother introduce it to me. I don't have much polaroid pic but surely I will do shooting to upload my here home.

Now, let's smile .... yippy yyyy yyy