2013-01-26 // 23:38:07

This is the end, my only friend... »link

2011-12-23 // 04:29:27

I love you, Webbo.

2011-04-24 // 20:14:00

Seratonin (Rachel´s - "Handwritting) »link

2011-04-12 // 15:07:51

Emil Cioran said: "Every success is the result of a misunderstanding"

2011-04-03 // 19:47:56

Einstein rings are important too. I have seen a couple of those around.

But what I love the most - and I´m not kidding - are those tiny weeds, like algaes, that use to appear in the square borders of the image:

»link , »link , »link

I´m just curious, but is there an official and standard term in Impossible for naming them? They´re so cute...

2011-03-30 // 09:11:31

Thank you all for the SotD.
It has been completely unexpected for me.

Have a nice day :)

2011-02-20 // 23:09:48

The website of PocketMemories is about to be released. It will contain news, tips, pictures and much more on instant photography.


2010-06-29 // 12:31:45

My facebook: »link

2010-06-05 // 14:46:06

Polaroid exhibition in Gijón (Spain) to be visited in June 2010.

More details here (PDF 2MB spanish): »link

2010-02-16 // 13:29:51

Pocket Memories Etsy Shop: »link

Fine Art Prints & Original Polaroids