2009-04-05 // 12:38:49

Hi... does anyone know how to dilute sodium thiosulphate for wash 665 negatives?

2008-10-01 // 15:00:23

just a little note to say grazie to all polanoiders who voted my shot as XotW. thanks again.

Then... I completely agree with Mr.Zvevi's suggestions about a "more complicated" access to Xposed. Hope there's someone in heaven of heavens who will listen us!


2008-08-29 // 13:14:44

Ciao Polanoiders!

We're back from holidays and we're going to upload some shots we took. We decided to collect the photos in a project called "You go Slavia".

A little photo diary of our journey across western Balkans . 2 Vespa 4 People 1700 Kilometers.


Francesco y Sara

2008-07-25 // 08:43:58

what a big surprise! and what a nice way to start a hard work's day...
I'm really happy for my first SotD :)
thank you all! grazie! merci! danke! gracias!

2008-06-25 // 13:27:53

this is my first award on Polanoid!!!!
Thanks to all the folks who voted for this XotW. I uploaded about three hundred shots in one year but won this X-pola... would it means something?

there are just two explanations:
1. I have to start working in porno industry
2. over 30 polanoiders like roasted rabbit :)

grazie mille ragazze e ragazzi!

2008-06-13 // 20:18:39

please, stop buzzing about my kenian girlfriend... as a real italian man I'm really really really jealous...

2008-05-31 // 00:16:16

A domani !!