2009-01-19 // 00:14:38

the best sentence i've read in a long time:

"The project is more than a business plan; it's a fight against the idea that everything has to die when it doesn't create turnover," said Mr Kaps


2009-01-18 // 02:05:51


2008-10-22 // 14:25:07

seeing new pictures that have had some thought put into them is way better than wading through endless submissions that tenuously relate to the project title.

going out and taking new photographs that relate to the project theme is more fun than simply clicking a submit button.

that's the way i see it.

2008-05-21 // 21:23:48

not that hard to copy, if you have the time on your hands...

2008-05-21 // 21:13:36

WM knows - read his post...

2008-05-20 // 15:31:27

i really don't think the "drop dead" comment was meant to be taken literally, do you? ever seen anyone actually try to "fuck off"?

2008-03-26 // 17:12:32

An SLR690 is featured in Memento

2008-03-22 // 00:36:27

but people are paying stupid prices...


2008-03-14 // 20:04:11

what makes it even sadder?
things like this:

2008-03-05 // 18:31:02

look forward to my new project, "through the window of the meat-wagon"