2009-08-20 // 12:50:40

did someone forget to mention this to me?:

2007-04-10 // 21:00:41

Why on earth are they remaking Halloween? Can't they just leave classic films alone? SX-70 blend not included, I haven't seen a decent remake since The Fly.

(see, I mentioned polaroid things)

2007-04-02 // 22:35:47

you tried flushing twice?

2007-02-20 // 14:42:30

You learn something new every day. Check out these two pictures of mine: »link »link

It turns out Justin Fashanu »link hung himself in the arches in the background.

2006-12-30 // 22:03:13

ummm, I don't think i know your email address dashing Mr WebMeister. (that or i'm too lazy to look)

Your thing-a-ma-jig seems to work fine on whatever the newest safari and firefox are on the latest version of mac os x

2006-12-17 // 23:23:36

I don't know if I want to download the beta version of cs3. I may get too reliant on it and break down into a blubbering wreck when I have to revert back to cs2.....

2006-12-09 // 12:06:08

For all those going to Stamford Bridge tomorrow:


Let's give that money grabbing cunt hell.

2006-11-16 // 21:42:53

I'm with ulf, gotta have two of those bitches. One nice leather/chrome one you lovingly take care of, and another battered one with rosco gels taped over the lens and white plastic replacing the leatherette.

like having two mobiles: one for the wife, one for the girlfriend........

2006-11-14 // 21:17:11

In which case I dedicate this to you Lia: »link "I know all this is to know about the crying game"

2006-11-10 // 17:19:50

Don't think my dad told me I was pretty either.......