2014-04-09 // 14:45:34

still looking for the truth.
i think, it is all about essentials. maybe i will use this insight, to make more reduced pictures. less less less.
any objections???

2008-04-15 // 16:18:30

well, well, well
the last two films i bought via ebay were just dead already. damn.
so right now iīm trying to get new fpacks, and come up with a new concept
anyway, nice to be here again
and greetings to everybody

2006-10-12 // 19:02:37

who said something about honesty?
total bullshit. this year as any other year has been about girls! girls! girls! and of course that does collide a lot with honesty. so forget about my last news.
latest: girls
hope to get new material soon, already planning, brainstorming. a little hint: girls will be part of it. yes, thatīs old but new nevertheless.

2006-01-29 // 15:04:35

this yearīs theme for me:
more honesty. it really is fun.
got no films in the moment. but soon...
and one bad thing happening at the end of last year: bought a polaroid600 via ebay, payed and the dreckarsch of seller didnīt send it. and never answered anything. hate those guys. bu nevertheless: iīm looking forward to new stuff. soon something new from me!

2005-12-20 // 11:26:36

i like this polanoid-thing.
got me hooked.